Saturday, 19 April 2008

New Words

While sitting in the tram on my way home this afternoon, I wondered at how many new things have I come across since arriving in this city two months ago.

Lygon Street = where home is

Swanston Street = where buddies' homes are

Safeway, Aldi, IGA = food supply stores

Brunswick = halal food haven ('coz I normally dine out with buddies and not alone)

BigW, QV = where to buy starting household supplies

Vic Mart = where to buy fresh food like veges and fruits (sometimes at a bargain)

ComBank, ANZ = where allowance will arrive

Tram No. 1 & No. 8 = to city and back home (and everything in between)

oh wait,
Tram = trains powered by electricity, with tracks on roads (together with cars)

Tram No. 19 = to Brunswick

Tram No. 109 = to church

A little bit about school,
Copland (Economics & Commerce) = the building where we have 6 of our 8 Science lectures in a week

Sidney Myer (Asia Centre) Carillo Gantner Theatre = where we have the remaining 2 Science lectures

Elizabeth Murdoch = where we have our 'professionalism' lecture (1 per week)

PBS = our Science subject for this semester. We don't have Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pathology, Microbiology, etc... we have PBS. Which is Principles of Biomedical Science (for Sem 1), and it's an all-in-one subject

HP = our 'professionalism' subject, to learn how to become a doctor. It's like ToK in IB, and the chit-chat thing in KMB. HP = Health Practice

These words wouldn't have meant a thing to me when I was still in KK.

Anyway, they are now the most basic words to me I think.

That's all for now.


limzhi said... time when i m there, mind to be tour guide? ;)

ArMs said...

Crez... teda red-light district ka sana? haaha (if u know what i mean);B