Thursday, 17 February 2011

Class at Night

Oh boy, I'm excited!

It's kinda weird to be excited about class, isn't it? But what if it's a course called Introduction to the Bible? Now it gets me pumped because it's a formal educational engagement on a text that I've been reading almost every day since primary school.

I've probably memorised hundreds of verses from this book (I should try writing all my memorised verses sometime--an interesting mental exercise). If you mention something like "eye for an eye, tooth for tooth", then I can tell you that it can be found somewhere in the first 5 books (Old Testament), and also early in Matthew (New Testament). I'd recognise stories like Jacob seeing angels moving up and down staircases (Genesis), Moses hitting the rock to pour out water (Numbers?), Joshua commanding the sun and moon to be still (Joshua), Gideon asking for a sign from God (Judges), David's wife being barren (2 Samuel), and Solomon having 700 wives + 300 concubines (1 Kings). It's because I've repeatedly read, re-read and heard them, that's why they stick inside my long-term memory.

I guess the fact that I'm doing this out of interest and passion (versus mere obligation) - remember I didn't have to do this - fuels the fire even more.

Gosh, I'm pumped for this! May my mental faculties glorify the Giver of all abilities.


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