Thursday, 2 August 2007

The Flower

[The Beautiful Flower]
---Hey, take a look at this if you don't mind the "jiwang" mode---(it's written some months back)

Just before I rest myself to sleep tonight, I just spend some time and thought for you, my dearest. My prayer for your well-being, encouragement, strength, hope and faith, I humbly say out to our Lord God.

Yes, I miss you – miss you so much – and I wish to at least see you again, but my longing is not one out of hopelessness and desperation; rather, a product of firm hope and futuristic vision.

And along with my prayer for your personal life, I also ask that your memory of me will not fade with each day that passes by. You do live in a very distant and separate world from where I am, but I ask that at least I be allowed in that world of yours too, in your memories, and dreams, perhaps.

You do not need to return my love immediately, right now. There is no need to rush. I patiently await. All that I ask for now is remembrance, that I not be forgotten.

I believe that you would not forget me :). I believe in your love. I await for you. And rest assured, you know that my feelings for you are always intact, deeply rooted within me. You can be sure of that. I believe that you can even feel them through these very words. These sincere and honest words. I trust in you. I believe in you. I hope for you. I love you.

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breinda said...

wahhh... bukan main pandai lagi ko berjiwang malkom... untung lah tu orang yg ko tunggu. harap2 dia tunggu ko juga la :p

tapi jan tunggu lama-lama... nanti bangas...

len kali sia ada boipren, ko buli pen something as jiwang as this por mi? buli ba... kalo ko....

ian.Tam said...

lol... ur words, haha... i dunno la... dr dulu lagi if you go write something, mmg i go like... oh... y does it has to be superbly written

stacey said...

wow...jiwang sungguh...ngeheheh...1st visit to your blog and my 1st comment here..well,i do hope you still remember me..i mean di sunday school dulu..

Creski said...

Sure. Tapi bila bah your "len kali" ni?

On another note, "buli ba... kalo ko...." starts to lose its punch. Like, everyone gets the "boleh" now. Boring (to me).

Thanks. Comment appreciated.

Yeah, sentiasa ingat. Jiwang eh? I still have more stacks of jiwang material in my storage

breinda said...

malkom.. sia pun tiatau.. of all my prayer requests, tu yg belum kana jawap.

re: "buli ba" punchline, i agree but it's funny how it's said at my clinic hahaha... ada patient ba suda lying on the bed tapi sempat lagi cakap gitu sama doktor ahahaha...

he told us later he said it to calm himself (too nervous). i guess it helped :)

ba come visit my clinic - bawa kengkawan yg sama-sama rabun. i give u free eye test. sebut nama kakak bynda saja...

stacey said...

wow! is it? I wanna see..

frankly speaking i really like your 'jiwang' post,reminds me of someone...i wish that speacial someone will wait for me as like you do willing to wait for that lucky girl of yours...

later will link you to my blog and btw,bg sia gmail address ko so tat ko boleh read my blog..heheh..

terasa mcm mau copy paste post ko ni to my blog...cos it's sooo meaningful...boleh ka?

mary_marlyna said...

wahaha..stacey! u R earlier than me...hye malcolm..1st tym visiting ur blog..kinda..nda terkejut la ko buli tulis cam ni..know u since we R kids...anyway, kip it up! i love ur writing..adios..i'm gonna link u to my blog ya! chao bebeh!