Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Di S'tiap Napasku

By True Worshippers Youth
Credits to the blog

I couldn't hold my tears as I sang the chorus together with a congregation of youth in a worship service in church (about 2 months back).

God's presence was just so... real.

And the lyrics are just so... sincere.


Aku milik-Mu
Kuberserah kepada-Mu
Seluruh hidupku
Kau genggam dalam tangan-Mu

Ini hatiku, hanya untuk-Mu
Ini jiwaku, hanya bagi-Mu

Tuhan Kau Allahku
Bapa dan Rajaku
Tak henti di s'tiap nafasku
Ku 'kan menyembah-Mu s'lalu

Kubawa hidupku
Ke atas mezbah-Mu
Tak henti di s'tiap langkahku
Ku 'kan mengikuti-Mu

This song came to my mind twice lately. Once last Wednesday - during our prayer and fasting back in kampung - and once just now, as I played the chords to this song on my guitar. (To google it, type "Tuhan Kau Allahku", with the quotation marks.) The moment I saw the video, I immediately wanted to share it. The song is substantially Christian, but that doesn't mean that non-Christians get nothing from listening to/viewing/experiencing it (Try it).

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