Saturday, 15 March 2008

Pix Uploaded

Thanks to Ipin, Budok and Zaini for letting me use their Internet connection.

This is where PlanetShakers City Church meets every Sunday,
3.00 pm and 5.15pm

Trinity College, University of Melbourne
That's a moving fire engine
In Copland Theatre,
Economics and Commerce Building
(Principles of Biomedical Science lecture 2.7 by Graham Parslow)
In front of the (T-shaped) medical building
The streets of Melbourne CBD on a Friday night
On Lygon Street. Windy.
The window-facing study desk in College Square. Self-made breakfast.
South Lawn, University of Melbourne
(I've never seen anything similar in Malaysia)
On the desk again. This is dinner.
Carillo Gantner Theatre,
Sidney Myer Asia Centre
(or, another lecture hall)
Four Malaysians in Brunswick


JaLynAy said...

Hi Malcolm,

Bumped into your blog while I was checking on your friendster. Seems like you have a great time in Melbourne. Going towards winter I bet with all that winter gears. So how is it there? You're coping well?

Dean said...

hey man.. its still freaking hot all our aussieland.. wats with the winter outfits??! haha..