Friday, 14 March 2008

Why I got a C+ in FM

FM = STPM (Malaysia HSC) Further Mathematics T
...a post to release my weird mixture of feelings: sadness, and disappointment, and gratefulness, and fresh inspiration!

I've expected it (I sensed it coming). And it really did come. FM Paper 1 really pawned me; there's no way I could answer questions I've never practised on before. I do not yet know my grade for the single first paper, but of course it's much lower than C+. And it must be Paper 2 which pulled my grade up a little.

I had to teach myself about three quarter (75%) of the subject material, as I've learned only the other one quarter (Statistics, half of Paper 2). All in under 4 months' time (Aug-Nov).

I had no teacher.

I had no friends taking the same hurdle.

There isn't any comprehensive book on FM. Unlike Bio, Chem, Math and all the other subjects which each has a Pre-University / STPM reference text, which is practically an all-in-one book. There's none for FM. Maybe there aren't many potential buyers, hence no interested authors and publishers. But even if there are buyers (students), there might still be not enough teachers. I bet most secondary-school Math teachers wouldn't want to take the responsibility of teaching FM.

It's freakin' hard.

And yet I managed a C+ (GP 2.33).

I think I deserved it. My Math skill deserves that sort of achievement level. It's not bad for someone who's self-taught. And it's a principal pass (as opposed to sub-fail and fail).

You know what do I tend to overlook? The bright side of life: I've got a solid A in Mathematics T (GP 4.00). Flawless. Praise God!


Amelia said...

i am so so so so so so so very the very the very proud of you!!!!!!!!! (no, it has nothing to do with consuming too much of sugar =P)

haha. i really am.

gosh. u did better in FM than i did in my maths.

congratulations my friend, and i really believe you will make a very proficient and efficient doctor in the future. =)

Ng Xin Zhao said...

Hi don't be too hard on your self. You did nice. I felt Further Maths paper 1 was very hard too. I rushed one question 5 minutes during the last hour! and after that I felt like having sat for the longest, scariest roller coaster ride ever! I was shaking after the exam. lol. My friends and I had tuition. I did the best among the 6 of us. The rest made it in various Bs.