Thursday, 15 May 2008

"God created Mathematics (III)"

Where all this takes us.

Isn't it amazing how much mathematics has grown over the years? A theorem that's only one line (with the equation being only one half line actually) takes 150 pages of proof. Talk about elegance!

From numbers and quantification, to the conceptualization, formalization and abstraction of real situations - from what is seen to what is unseen - human ideas fuel the advancement of math as a field of academia.

Is it worthwhile to study Mathematics then?
Humans created Mathematics.
But God created humans.

See where this is taking us?

(And, to study Math is a way of manufacturing action from our faith - to glorify God because of the beauty of His creation.)

To me, God is somewhat like an axiom. It's taken to be true without needing any proof. If Set Theory relies on the Axiom of Existence and Axiom of Choice, then our whole existence in this world relies on the Axiom that God is God.

In long series of logical reasoning that eventually ask where all this began, my answer is: God is the "uncaused cause".

God doesn't need a beginning.
The beginning needs God.

God doesn't need a reason.
Reasoning needs God.

For otherwise, in who else's image would we get human reasoning ability and the freedom of choice?

For now, I rest my case. QED.

All glory to God.

P/S: Now, a friend of mine did point out: "It's funny that you mentioned God created Mathematics. Because 1 ≠ 3." To that I respond: God created Math, not the other way round. God is not limited by His creation.

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whoelse said...

Hey Creski. I agree God is not limited by His creations, but that can't be used as an excuse to attribute just anything to Him. But if the concept of Trinity truly makes sense to you, then that's all you need to know, it's your belief. Wouldn't mind continuing yesterday's paper conversation though. Have a good break!