Sunday, 25 May 2008

Past, Present & Future

For lack of a better title...

What's Past

Two good friends from Dunedin came over to visit us here in Melbourne, about 4 weeks ago.

How sweet!

What's Present

My first Uni assignment (1,ooo words) on medical ethics got marked and returned this week.
So I feel like showing the feedback (without being a show-off).
It's almost like a present; the several days of labour reaped excellent harvest. A present in the present.
For the glory of God!

What's Future

Winter's coming.

After the Sem exam, about 4 weeks of break are coming.

I'd probably delve a bit into the Big Bang Theory, black holes, nebulae, ..., quarks, hadrons, bosons, etc.

For lack of better ideas on what to spend a few million seconds on.


ArMs said...

that's what i'm talkin about man... heehe nice pics (top pic in particular) haaha. don't forget man, your buddies from sabah are still your good friends... jan lupa kami;D

LimZhi said...

medical ethics? *faint* we gonna learn that very soon.. :(

Amelia said...

congrats on ur paper!

big bang theory? =D

i'd like to hear on that one. mr hawking has not been able to fit into my schedule these days.

not coming back for ur hols? =)