Sunday, 17 August 2008

Just when I thought ~

~ that I suffered the worst thing that could happen, I thought again. Well, it's definitely not the worst thing that could have happened, but it did feel really bad at that time.
I was just done in the Uni computer lab. It was already dark at 6pm. I walked over to my bicycle and unlocked it. My hands motioned almost subconsciously to switch on the bike lights.


My front white lamp, powered by 2 AA batteries, which was supposed to intermittently flash as I rode my bike at night, was not in its rightful place. On the handlebar I only saw the reflective white "lamp", which is not even a proper lamp. My back light, red, was gone too. What remains was the piece of rubber used to hold it in place.

My front and back lights, with the screw, nut, batteries and everything with them, got stolen. I rode back home feeling sad that night.
Two nights later, as I talked about it with another friend who bikes regularly to school, I got the shock of a week ("of a lifetime" = excessive overstatement). It's this friend's third, mind me, third bike that he rides right now. Two got stolen earlier this year.

I've lost only two bike lights.

Oh well, I do hope that whoever it was who unscrewed my white and red bike lights made perfect good use of them. The world is after all a place where stuff change hands from one owner to the next, sometimes legally and sometimes not.

Just when I thought that I suffered the worst blow, I was reassured that people have been through worse.

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Anonymous said...

Very Agatha Cristie...
Hope you're having a great time there in Melbourne !!!

-raja ezman-