Friday, 31 October 2008

Giving by Faith

Psalm 145:15 - The eyes of all look expectantly to You, and You give them their food in due season.
[adapted from offering message for Urban Life...courtesy of God, who revealed this to me during devotion...during a particularly difficult time a few weeks ago]
...But of course there are times when things get tough.

[Think of a time when expenses disproportionately outweigh our income.]

I mean, in the natural sense, sometimes circumstances make us reluctant to give, yeah?

Sometimes we become ultra-sensitive to every cent that we spend.

[Now think of times when we did not expect providence/favour/blessings to come... and it came.]

Really, we can look at it from a whole lot of different perspectives. Because, sometimes, someone who doesn't believe in God still looks like s/he gets all the favours in the world. Sometimes we feel like not giving.

But I believe God desires us to grow in faith in Him. What was His message to the rich young man? What's the motive of Jesus asking that?
We can perhaps learn various lessons from this, but I wanna focus on this today: to depend on God for providence. Imagine someone in severe financial difficulty.

No money. But it doesn't mean there's no God. Money is not God!

So, why do we give? Because God first gave. And because despite circumstances, we live still by faith. The just shall live by faith.

Because He will give us our food in due season.

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Albrecht said...

Reminds me I have to do some prayers too :)