Friday, 10 October 2008

Spending breaths

What can I do in life? A question to ask where my breaths have been spent this week.
  • Helping to check two essays for a friend
  • Getting back the assignment written a month ago
  • Working out
  • Being examined in a physical exam
  • Playing guitar for practice
  • Studying in a group
  • Practising patient-interviewing
  • Doing calculations in inverse square and exponential equations
  • Chilling, meaning thinking, talking about, and doing nothing
Sometimes - actually sometimes it's many times - I ask what's worthwhile doing.

I'm not going to be alive forever. What's worth spending my breath on?

So many things are a waste of time. So what's not a waste?
(In case you're shading this to find an answer, haven't got a definite one, but I'm still thinking about it.)

1 comment:

LZ said...

Dont worry u dont seem to waste ur time. Meaningful week indeed! =)