Saturday, 22 November 2008


Think of the exclamation: "It will change your life!"

One particular guy had a hard time listening to statements of that sort. An example is during a camp organized for university and high school students, as recent as a year ago. And this guy had the privilege to be one of the speakers, his topic being academic excellence, his considered forte.

Throughout the time before and leading up to the camp, he kept listening how the the organisers and leaders kept mentioning: It will change your life 100%. Fully changed. Turned 180°.

Maybe he thought it was a cliché. And he pondered rather critically, thinking, "Change 100%?" He thought of possible alternate scenarios. Like a person who has been for such-and-such a camp some time ago, and experienced a lot of positive change. Do we now too change that good new stuff in that person? Maybe you've thought this way before yourself as well?
As he thought more of it, he started disliking the idea of being "changed completely". He even considered as replacement a somewhat more balanced statement like "change the bad stuff in us" or "change what needs a change". He obviously, was preoccupied with the idea that people already have some good in them, and that has to stay.

What hit this guy a long time later - after lots of more diverse experiences with many new people - was that he had a wrong perception that he was alright all the while. A life of truth - genuine truth - is somewhat incomprehensibly high above what human works can achieve alone. There are always things that fall short. That are flawed. That are separate from what is perfect.

And that is where continual change - even daily - is needed in life. Experienced a great change yesterday? Very good. Had any better ones today? Excellent. Why not look forward to an even grander one tomorrow and in the days to come?

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