Friday, 28 November 2008

A head start?

Reminiscent of my gap half-year, which was not too long ago.

Occasionally I ask myself, have I had the upper hand while in Sabah? During my post-IB break, I at first was kind of frustrated with the overwhelming freedom that I seemed to have. Dad worked everyday. So did Mom. And my little sister did not have much of a break between stopping work and resuming study. But what about me?

That's when this blog blasted off. My MMORPG of choice then was PKO, because I thought the graphics were cooler than RO, and because my sister introduced me to it (many of the choices we make are because it's introduced by someone close, I bet). Church on Sundays, youth on Saturdays, plus some Sunday School ministry. And catch up with a few buddies every not so often. I did go to island trips which I would not have made if my friends from Peninsula did not come. And then there was work. Which is what I want to talk about.

My first ever paid job was a process server in a legal firm. Basically, that's a postman who retrieves people's signatures - you know, like those played in ice-breaker games. But the difference is that the job pays, because those people who sign are people who are sued. And within a few weeks I worked as a private tutor, teaching Form Six Mathematics T. I had only one student. Through the break, God gradually opened the way - that's how I choose to view it - and led me to tutor a total of 15 different students (in different timeslots though). My peak pay rate was unbelievable. And throughout, I maintained my delivery job. It was a time of true providence, because I reloaded my own phone and cared for my own expenses out of my own pocket.

Now that I'm in foreign land, as I ponder upon the rather smooth journey that I had, I ask, What kind of a head start did I get? What do you think?
I had my parents. They were the fundamental, pivotal factor in my time-money economy (well, after God, that is). You see, the availability of my parents' car means that I can go around and do stuff which are some distance away from the house. And they were working people with their own network of friends in the workplace. All they needed to do was talk about me, what I was doing, what I could do, etc., and soon enough I would get a student. And where do my students get tutored? At our house. And, oh, that legal firm? My aunt is there. That's why I got the job (but that's only one way of looking at it, of course).

My sense of economics is still with me. There's supply and demand, and prices linking them. I want some money now, and I want to give away some time. So I'm still hunting for jobs. God, give me something to do. By faith I ask and believe that I receive.

Happy holidays to those of you who are having it =)