Friday, 5 December 2008

First Year Over

Hanging by a thread

My 2nd semester result was out today, which is actually a date postponed by 6 days from the original one set. But the wait matters not anyway; the result does.

Thanks be to God, who has been with me all through this ordeal, especially during those darkest times when I needed Him the most, and I - on my own - was least reliable. As declared by Daniel, wisdom and might are His.

My marks really do hang by a thread. At the very lowest threshold, just making it into the next grade up. And I am indeed very happy with them. 80 for NDM and 75 for HP2.
NDM = Nutrition, Digestion & Metabolism, HP2 = Health Practice 2

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Anonymous said...

cute lizard.. hehehe!


Anonymous said...

better work harder next time, eih?
btw,care to do a tag?