Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Picture Story Book

A mirror of reality.

My punctured bike tyre back in late March.
Cause: glass fragment (possibly bottle of beer). Fixing costs $8 for the new tire, $8 labour charge.

Fun before the REB (back in 1st semester), 2nd last day of exam (HP1).

A wrong choice. An example of a bad financial decision.
It's some kind of sauce+pork+noodles.
Through a friend's looking window (glass) in the city. 10:11pm, August '08.

Medical students in Brownless (corner of 1st floor) for group study, two weeks before 2nd sem exam starts.


LZ said...

Thx creski! ^^

Btw, ur hair is so long lar..ur fringe is even longer than mine!

ArMs said...

In the last pic, your friend is like, "What the hell has gotten into this dude...?"