Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Music for the Mind

When I did my EE on the effect of background music on short-term memory capacity two years ago, I knew that I was bound for stuff like "The Mozart Effect" -- music that claims to boost mental performance as you listen to it.

Now it's like a fresh wave of mind-enhancing music is being unleashed. Enter iMusic, developed by Volition.

I was browsing the Scientific American site when I saw this ad on the sidebar. It had that blue brain image (or some other thing reminding me of the brain) and I just couldn't help but click it to check it out. In fact, I'm listening to a 25-minute sample right now.

I wonder, would it increase my rate of absorbing medical knowledge from my textbooks? Would it improve my academic performance? Help me get the highest H1's that I dream of?

Hopefully. Some people would say: there's no harm trying--nothing to lose. All right. I'm all for it. I'll add this to my arsenal of study techniques as the brain-booster headgear - the helmet of brilliance (+10% intelligence). Hang on, make that +10% intelligence per second. Heheh.

By the way, the types of music in the sample is like classical + ambience music, the kinds you get as the OST for big movies. Reminds me of the background music used by Blizzard in Diablo and WarCraft too. Maybe that's why I can get hyped just by playing those games.

That's all for now. HP tute's starting in less than half an hour.

Picture credit, and more info from: Volition

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Peta 'N' Ming said...

helmet of brilliance (+10% intelligence) << SO RPG!!!