Monday, 9 March 2009

Addictive Facebook Apps

Like Mafia Wars.

I didn't have any idea what I was getting into. The first few acts/scenes in the game was so simple, I couldn't help ignoring it. All I needed to do was click a button (an action button).

Now I'm level 12 with 32 members in my gang. I noticed, this is one of those games where connections (networks) rule. The more friends you've got, the better off you'll be. For example, Mafia Mike's (a building) give the highest income rate. For about $10,000 each (price goes up after you buy 'em), the hourly income is $12,000. Which means you can get back your money's worth in 1 hour. The twist is, you need more Mafia members to buy more of these buildings. I need 33 Mafia members to get my 14th Mafia Mike's.

Another member number-dependent thing is the Gold Desert Eagle, a $10,000 pistol (relatively cheap) that adds 25 Attack and 15 Defense (which is a lot!). When my 33rd Mafia member joins, I can get my 15th gun.

It reminds me of Defense of the Ancients, where you trade items to strengthen your alliance with other players. The stronger your alliance, the greater the 'assistance' they'll lend you in battle, and the higher your chances of winning (an irony is that you could still be fighting your own allies...and you're supposed to be assisting one another for all fights).

I just wish I don't kill too much of my study-dedicated time because of this App. And I'm not yet sure if iMacros could help with automated clicks.

Find the App here.

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