Sunday, 29 March 2009

Turn of the tide

What do you get when you add an LCD TV and PS2 Mortal Kombat to a daily life like mine?

Something which can turn me from the silent, study mode to excited, uncontrollable mode.
At least that's what's been happening this week.

My 10% assignment almost got affected by this imbalance. Thankfully it didn't. But what scared me more was this: I finished it around 2 am (as always), and we're supposed to submit it online. But an error message came up, saying "Please insert a valid file!". And it happened for like 5 times in a row! I solved the problem by using my roommate's laptop. Thanks roommate!
This week I look forward to Urban Life on Wed (and hospital visit), jogging on Thu - which is becoming more and more routine for me - and the Run for the Kids on Sunday morning! This is actually unheard of -- me running/jogging on a Sunday morning! And also, of course I'm expecting my midsem mark.
What's the turn of the tide? It's from being busy with stuff that seem to burden so much, to looking forward to what more can be greatly achieved next. Because there is victory after every mountain climbed. And the victory grows with the mountain.

And here's the graph that I wanted to show you (made with MSpaint):

I think Med is something like this. It's actually pretty easy to pass (50 and above -- doesn't take that much time, does it?) But to get H1's, and particularly the highest H1's (last sem the top mark was 91%, second was 88%)...well, you can see how much study time is "needed".