Monday, 30 July 2012

Will I be forgiven if...

...if you keep doing the sin that you've been forgiven of, then you won't be forgiven for deliberately doing it again.

This hit me like a train today. And I'm reminded of the Old Testament passage:
And if any person sins unknowingly or unintentionally, he shall offer a female goat a year old for a sin offering.
And the priest shall make atonement before the Lord for the person who commits an error when he sins unknowingly or unintentionally, to make atonement for him; and he shall be forgiven.
You shall have one law for him who sins unknowingly or unintentionally, whether he is native born among the Israelites or a stranger who is sojourning among them.

But the person who does anything [wrong] willfully and openly, whether he is native-born or a stranger, that one reproaches, reviles, and blasphemes the Lord, and that person shall be cut off from among his people [that the atonement made for them may not include him]. Because he has despised and rejected the word of the Lord, and has broken His commandment, that person shall be utterly cut off; his iniquity shall be upon him.
Num 15:27-31 AMP (Italics mine)

And this New Testament passage:
For if we go on deliberately and willingly sinning after once acquiring the knowledge of the Truth, there is no longer any sacrifice left to atone for [our] sins [no further offering to which to look forward].
Heb 10:46 AMP (Italics mine)

Ever had the desire or thought of doing something, but you already know deep down inside that it's sin? You could even play a mental rehearsal of the whole thing, followed by your regret and remorse, and then confession and prayer for forgiveness. Sounds familiar? Perhaps you've gone through it a thousand times, with unchanging outcomes. This time, though, will you lead yourself in making a change?

I was thinking to myself: I could either run away now, or just go on with it, have some thrill and fun, then ask for forgiveness later. I end up at the same place, don't I?

"No. There won't be forgiveness."

So run from evil temptations. Don't turn your back on Jesus and nail Him back on the cross. Store His Word in your heart, so that you might not sin against Him.
2 Tim 2:22 | Heb 6:6 | Ps 119:11

Next: Receiving God's Holy Spirit and living the holy life (vs sinful life).

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