Monday, 24 December 2007

A Day of Tests...

Friday, 2nd of March, 2007.

8.00 am - 9.00 am (1 hour)
ITGS SL Paper 1 [40 marks]

10.00 am - 12.00 pm (2 hours)
ITGS SL Paper 2 [60 marks]

3.00 pm - 6.00 pm (3 hours)
ISAT [100 questions]

It was the first day of the 3rd-semester "pre-IRP" test, 6 subjects done in 6 days.

And the most memorable of all is undoubtedly the ISAT. It was almost an intellectually stressful, agonizing torture.

Dedicated to God,
CR 182/200, QR 199/200, OR 191/200
CR 94th %ile, QR 100th %ile, OR 99th %ile

ITGS SL = Information Technology in a Global Society, Standard Level
ISAT = International Student Admissions Test
IRP = Intensive Revision Group

Official ISAT page (ACER website)

The ISAT contains 100 questions, 50 requiring "critical reasoning" (language, prose, literature, etc.), 50 requiring "quantitative reasoning" (numbers, math, counting, science, graphs, etc.). I had a can of Nescafe before the test. Pn Sharifah was at one end of the new class block, wishing all of us luck. About 50 of us sat for the exam. I took a seat next to the left wall, somewhere left-middle, and ensured that the desk was not shaky. I still remember the instructor/administrator getting angry at a few of my friends who were late at the exam hall, saying "This is an exam! You're supposed to be inside 5 minutes earlier!" After the formalities and form-filling, I said my words of prayer, gave my all to God, and began reading the test questions.
They were hard. No doubt. I skipped a few really confusing, language-type questions. It was just around 4.30 when I finished question number 50. And I was speeding. My energy and focus drained quickly. After the first half, I practically had to whisper and vocalize (silently) the questions to make sense of what they were asking. I had just enough time to answer all questions.
I felt a sense of triumph at the end of the test. And sure enough, when the test results came out some 3 months later, I saw the 'triumphant' result. It was a victory. Dedicated to God.

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