Wednesday, 19 December 2007

A Sense of Accomplishment

Overdue stuffs pile up... Planned projects overlap... Deadlines rush towards you... Time runs out...

Will it ever be over?

It's been 4 weeks since my last entry - proudly mentioned as 4 "fully occupied" weeks. And my stuffs did overlap during that (dire?) period... Two STPM subjects (=4 papers, 12 total hours), followed by a Youth Camp where I was scheduled to speak in a 1.25-hour slot, and again followed by a Christmas Drama with children.

The level of "hecticness" almost equaled what I went through during those IB days. But now it's a different environment: I don't have a roommate (classmate...schoolmate...) bearing the same burden. I turned to God, just like I did many times in KMB. It goes without saying that I let out my words of disappointment, apology, anger, frustration, etc. (You know those stuff.)

I finished my last STPM paper (Further Mathematics T, paper 2) on a rather high note. I was confident with at least 70% of my answer. That's significantly more than paper 1. The next night was the last few hours I had to prepare for my YC-sharing slot. I said "no" to caroling, and I spent the night (late night) preparing my slides. I was glad I made that decision. My sharing was indeed God-inspired - he said "I have put my words in your mouth" (Jer 1:9). Blessed be your name, Lord God!

My paper ended on a Tuesday evening. My journey to the campsite began shortly after, early on Thursday morning. My slot was on Friday afternoon. The theme was "Shining in Academic Excellence for God's Glory"...not explicitly mentioned during my sharing, but you get the picture. I can call it a subset of the Youth Camp's theme: Light.

The camp ended on Sunday night and I was back home on Monday. The sofa was a great relief for my sleep-deprived mind and body. That same night, I was back in action for the drama practice. The last practice (ever) was on that Thursday afternoon. At the same time, more overlaps occurred: caroling and work (tuition classes).

I guess life never actually stops. It probably has some pauses, if we want to look at it that way. What's more, after a period of high-intensity activities, the "sunshine after the rain" - did I just coin that expression? - gives tremendous relief.

A sense of accomplishment.

I must say, "Thank you, God."

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