Thursday, 27 December 2007

Year-end coming...

I tried recalling what occurred around this time last year. My memories are vague. Why was last year (2006) rather un-memorable?

Let's adopt another perspective. I've realized that I spent much of 2006 in KMB. In KMB hostel (prison). Now don't get me wrong; it does have its advantages, and the biggest plus is probably its factory-like condition: a factory for academic papers.

Estimation of Pi
Mathematics HL
Type I Task (Portfolio)

Laboratory Reports (about 1 per week)
Chemistry HL

Workplace and Workshop

Bagaimanakah Latar Masyarakat digunakan
untuk Menyampaikan Mesej Cerita
menerusi Novel LAGAK WASANGKA dan Novel LORONG MIDAQ?
Malay A1 SL
World Literature Assignment (aka WorldLit)

Nobel prize-winning Lorong Midaq (Midaq Alley) by Naguib Mahfouz

The first one and a half years:

I realized that one of my most unforgettable KMB weeks was just before the year-end break in 2006. On Sunday night - which extended right into early Monday morning - I worked on the first draft for my ToK essay. I managed to write (type) up to 1,300+ words, and submitted it during class hours.
(My anti-sleeping pill was
Set Me Free by Planetshakers =)
I slept from 2.30 to 6.30 pm that afternoon. And then began work on my
WorldLit. I conjured a new title that Monday, borrowed a few issues of Dewan Sastera from the library, then set to work. The 1st draft (new one...the old one became history...oh, by the way, I never touched the old 1st draft ever since handing it to my Malay language teacher) was done on Tuesday morning. After class, my whole afternoon was, again, devoted to slumber. That night, I did some Bio studying for Wednesday afternoon's standardized test. Was it muscle contraction mechanism that I studied that night? The next day, Bio class (the test was after class) was held in the LRC, where I got the chance to test my memory on what I just crammed.
I got the commented WorldLit on either Wednesday or Thursday. What followed on Thursday night was close to nightmarish. I've got a Paper 1-type question to be answered (Malay subject - it was the
supposed "3rd semester exam", which was supposed to have been canceled, and eventually turned into a "homework" after some students' "no-exam petition"). And the WorldLit to be fixed. And last-day DotA games. And I did not fully clean our room yet that night (clearance/clearing).
Surprisingly, I finished the Sajak question first. It was about 3+ pages, in written form. And I had to deny the DotA games (well I did play a couple games, but that was it). I continued work on the WorldLit until the next day. In class, I sat at the front corner (away from our teacher), fixing the essay on my laptop as I jotted notes on Human Biochemistry.
As soon as class ended, I realized that I had a plane to catch. The airport-bound bus was supposed to leave at 3pm. And my WorldLit wasn't 100% done yet! Worse, the LRC was closed. An unprinted WorldLit won't get me any marks. I think I skipped lunch on that Friday (the best menu, unfortunately). In the common room, I turned my laptop on and did the final bits of adjustment/addition for my WorldLit. I prayed to get the best result; that the 20%-weighting assignment won't pull my grade down.
I'm thankful I got some black ink from Shukran, and a compatible printer from Shafiq (it involved a little bit of running around between blocks...but that's nothing compared to my desperation to hand in my Malay assignment!). I printed two copies of the completed World Literature Assignment, bound them with short green strings, then rushed for all my belongings. I bid farewell to my roommate, got my clearance slip from the pissed-off warden ("Hah! Ape ni? Karang baru nak buat assignment?"), then rushed towards the Staff Room. I felt like an Impreza in the redline.
I placed the two copies (each 9 pages) on my teacher's table. Relief. Finally. It was over.
I was soaked in sweat. Ms Loh was there and she gave Jason and me a Christmas card.
I rushed for the bus. I was one of the last.
Three sleepless nights in five days. It was ultra-hectic. But the best part is that it was over.

Now it isn't as un-memorable as I earlier thought... I guess I was just too drenched in busyness, till I forgot what time/month/year it was.

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