Monday, 7 January 2008

The Clock Ticks

An insight into the blog title...

Time is a valuable thing. Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings. So said Linkin Park's In the End. And I share the same view.

There was another forwarded e-mail message about being deposited $86,400 every day, with one condition: it must be used up within 24 hours. Ever thought about that?

At first, I named this blog 31.5 million seconds because it related time and a very large numerical figure. That is a period of one year (my pre-university studies was done in May 2007, and I am continuing university education in February 2008. Not exactly one year though...) I had around 9 months of waiting for a planned university entry.

There are:
60 seconds in a minute.
60 hours in an hour.
24 hours in a day.
365 days in a year (366 days in 2008).

That's where the $86,400 (or seconds) come from. And it also shows that we are actually given 31.6 megaseconds this year. That's like an extra $100,000.

Ever seen the time-value questions? To know the value of 1 year, ask the mother of a newborn baby. To know (or make sense of) the value of 0.1 second(s), ask the silver-medalist of a 100m sprint.

Once time passes, it's gone. No turning back. Time machines in Doraemon and Back to the Future explore the human fantasy of wanting to turn back the clock. But it's unrealistic.

There's also a scientific saying: Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once. It makes memorable things memorable. "Good old days" bears meaning because time exists. And drag racing is made possible. And world records.

You know who do I think is unbounded by time? God the Creator. The omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. And probably we'll be free too on the other side of life: eternity.

So what's eternity? It's almost unthinkable. You live forever. So do I. And with each passing day is an ultimate freshness that continues on and on, for there is no such thing as "old".

No aging. Like a Mithril Sword of Ages found in video games - never losing durability, never wearing out, never destroyed. Indestructible.

Wait, did I say passing day? Perhaps there is not even a passing of the day as we know it, for it is already the grand continuum. Eternity is where life lasts forever.

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