Monday, 7 January 2008

Trips of time

A review of where my time has been.

Here are 10 recent things that occurred to me:

1. Phoned by sponsor - My offer/contract letter's coming soon. There's also a compulsory briefing in KL on the 28th of January. And they don't have my flight date yet. That's bad.

2. Exercise! - Went jogging in Likas Sports Complex. Clocked 4 minutes, 24.79 seconds. Also practiced some Taekwondo moves.

3. Talked about medical interview - that was with two friends, who were hastily informed about an upcoming aptitude test and interview by a medical school. The best part was generously sharing everything I know about my (only) interview experience. The worst part was knowing that my two friends didn't get to go after all. (And I don't know why, yet.)

4. Hung out - or is it hanged out? Anyway, the important thing is that a lot of us ex-schoolmates have got a good time dining and laughing. Until 1.30 in the morning.

5. Napped - this is becoming a daily activity since last week. In the afternoons, as I lied down, a short shut-eye would inevitably come. Even in the midst of a full band jamming (yesterday).

6. Read - (pronounced "red" instead of "reed") God's Word is my staple morning diet, but it's starting to be less routine. This is bad (too). And I've recently read Joshua Harris' I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Spencer Johnson's Who Moved My Cheese?

7. Swam - in a river. With other youth. What made it memorable was that I challenged my fear and jumped from a rock into a deep part of the river.

8. Gamed - Quake 4 and DotA, in a cybercafe. And Facebook Apps at home. Also Diablo (reached level 31 after beating Nightmare on Single Player).

9. Taught tuition classes - about 4 per week. It keeps my sense of teaching alive.

10. Spoke - it was on New Year's Eve, at around 11.30 pm. Mainly about handing our plans (and time) into God's hands. And about my 2008 theme: So run to win!

Previous themes:
2007b: Nothing to lose
2007a: In full faith
2006: Nothing wasted, all for Jesus
2005: To the limits!
2004: Strive for Excellence

P/S: Notice how "
time" and its derivatives are very involved in each sentence above?

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