Tuesday, 18 September 2007

KMB Glory Days Part III

...Fading glory...
(Prelude: The songs in the player were my "working" songs... they kept my brain running as I struggled for my World Lit and ToK. By the way, the "pause" button is there if you really want it.)

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If were to summarize this post into two words, they'd be:
"busyness" and "flying".
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The pictures, from top to bottom, are:
1. Math Standardized Test - Topic: Differentiation/Integration?
(18 Sept)
2. My exhausted roommate, on a typical Friday afternoon
(8 Sept)
3. Waiting for a bus at the simpang, to send a bunch of seniors at KLIA
(12 Sept)
4. Immediately after school reopens - Raya Aidilfitri celebration
(6 Nov)

5. In an English class - Topic: Love
(8 Nov)
(All in 2006)

And read on if you want to.

The Big 4 haunted every one of us, on every single night. The heaviest of assignments in my experience so far. I mean, I've pulled an all-nighter for a few Form 4/5 folios, but what on earth is it that I'm tackling if even 2 sleepless nights gets less than 50% of my stuff done? I vividly remember my EE supervisor, Puan Bahariah, politely asking, "If possible, give it [1st draft] before the Raya break." And I did give her what I choose to call a half-draft. (22 pages. No kidding. And about 1,200 words.)

It was very much a call for disaster. And all the while, I was actually calling for even more disaster. DotA continued to be my staple weekend dish, occasionally with other custom maps such as RO and Dragon Ball. And a craze in the Block C computer fellas was the Insaniquarium. I even let my computer run several nights just to collect shells! And even under my desk, in class! (On battery power, with LCD closed, and "Low" CPU speed.) To top it all off, I spent 80% of my holiday time on NamelessRO. Very crazy indeed.

I went to KLIA about 3 times in total (George, Qing Xi and gang group, Meryl's solo departure, and Melvyn, Zi Dong and gang group). Perhaps it was supposed to ignite the fading fire within us who were then in IB year 2. What it did ignite was the desire to get out of KMB immediately! (Oh well... maybe it also helped in some other ways during the process.)

Our Uni applications were also underway. UKCAT, BMAT, PS, Mock Interview, etc... UK fellas were the busiest, followed by Ireland folks (And hey, I wonder why can't we apply to both UK and Ireland? Pleasing more people? But never mind...as if I bother). For me, it was the decision point. I talked to my dad on one morning, telling him that I was not going to take the UKCAT. It means no passport to a UK medical school. It also means I was roughly turning myself into an academic machine whose target is an absolute minimum score of forty points. My Melbourne craze heightened since then. So did my Aussie-support group, consisting mainly of Nad, Missa and Paw.

It was quite an anticlimax when the college decided to give us standardized tests in the final week (in the afternoons!). The decision was met with negative responses from students, with the most dramatic complaint/petition against our Malay A1 paper--it was eventually turned into a 3-day (or so--) homework. Our juniors, on the other hand, seemed very eager to have themselves tested, just like most of us a year ago.

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