Monday, 3 September 2007

Word of the day: Grateful

Just when you thought life is so predictable...

I should be grateful for the latest turn of events recently. An invitation to a wedding reception - by a ministry leader, since the bride and groom gave one 10-person table to him - might seem like nothing much at first thought. But that's just the starting point of what I consider to be 'fun with friends'.

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You see, when you have about 5 really free months ahead of you - free from work, school, kids, etc - and have spent the 3 previous really free months on nothing but catching up with buddies, you'd start pondering on the significance of every little thing that you do with every single second that you're given. You'd start being...rather critical and analytical, knowing that such a long period of freedom won't come by in the near future, and it therefore must be spent in as fruitful a way as possible.
Or maybe it's just me. I don't know.
-Alright, commercial's over-

In the function, I of course got to congratulate the new couple. It was kind of weird to wish the groom - who's my age - but oh well, it's indeed happening. And it's nice to see him again after many months.

It was also a chance to meet up with a few other fellas whom I haven't seen in quite a while (so there goes more of my "catching up" activity, but it's fun, you know).

And I must admit that our table rocks! Kind of a "happening" table - if you want to put it that way. We joked like real youngsters. No "kontrol ayu or macho". No need for those. Having fun really meant having fun at that moment. As mentioned by one sister, "Itu waiters suka kita punya meja ni...berebut diurang mau serve kita."

Oh, I should also mention about the kids. Maybe I can't really recall what were wedding functions like back when I was little, but the sight just now was simply typical. The children would go in the lift (elevator), press the next floor up, then exit just before the door closes. So it would be like a "hantu" using it to those upstairs. I have two words to describe them: imaginative and noisy. And when I join them up, some would cuddle me at the waist, in their little arms. Cute.

The function ended at 10.30 pm, but our ministry team went on to celebrate a member's birthday (in a surprise). We arranged to meet at McDonald's. I drove with three friends, and went to take the birthday cake from another member who was at the university hall.

It was a night drive through the heart of KK city - with a short stop at 7-eleven for a friend's phone top-up - to the university (with the prize-giving ceremony for a Battle of the Bands going on), and to the fast food outlet.

One friend was about to leave for Peninsular tomorrow, so she covered up the motive by mentioning about her departure. Then the whole group - 12 people in all - prayed together for her.

It was pretty much an act of concealing the real deal. Just seconds after we finished our prayer, we sang Selamat Hari Jadi as the birthday cake was taken in. What an unexpected present for our birthday girl!

---What touches me the most is the brotherly (sisterly?) love that binds all the members of our ministry together. Love as in being selfless. As in not being reluctant to spend some time for friends. As in sharing happiness together. It is truly amazing. It must be God-given---

And finally, as we bid our farewells and goodnights, I had the chance to do one last favour for 5 of those friends: by taking them home.

Above all, I thank God for this wonderful opportunity he has given me.

All in 23,400 seconds (it doesn't even take one day to be touched by our mighty creator).


Anonymous said...

"Itu waiters suka kita punya meja ni...berebut diurang mau serve kita."
doi.... lol!!! i can`t stop laughing at this one.. i wonder who said it...

Creski said... Suzie, kakak Stommy.

And I wonder who's this? Peta kah?

Sumandak Ranau said...

it is her...i knew it..haha..nyway, thanks ah mal<-name given by mr.roy..haha..for the the fun and all the love...miss you guys...i really really hope i can join the YC! ayo! pray for me ya!