Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Running out of Time?!

I realized that lately, I've been gasping for air every so often.

My "5 months of freedom" don't really feel like freedom anymore. I work both at home and on the roads. I've got an exam to sit for. There's ministry in church to be committed in. And a few developmental books (including Nelson Mandela's autobiography) lie around, waiting to be read. And then there's this blog.

In a way, I like the constant "waste-no-time" feeling I'm having right now - it reminds me of KMB. Only with a little less stress. But I do have my dissatisfactions and rants. Thank God I haven't really reached the point where I'd simply explode. That wouldn't be nice.

My work? In big words, 'academic motivational speaker' and 'legal firm process server'. In everyday terms, tuition teacher, and postman. And of course, a student (scholar of Mathematics, school-of-self).

I thank God that at least I'm pouring my time into some stuff (as opposed to no stuff). And what I really cherish is the time that I have with the buddies in ministry; as I've never had this much of a chance back when I was in La Salle and KMB.

P/S: The title up there is actually a (expressive) line from our Form 2 choral speaking script (winning script, that is).

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