Tuesday, 4 September 2007

An Unspoken Reflection

Fragile life...

I wonder...

How does it feel to know that I have 2.5 minutes left to live?

How does it feel not to know it?

How do I know it, anyway?


How does it feel to be snapped during those final moments?

How does nature play its part?

How about fate?

How do I matter in the whole working of this grand world?

How true is the butterfly effect?

How will my end be the start of something new?

This is based on a true story about a millipede (a rather big one, measuring about 20 cm). It was found at a roadside in a highland, on the new Papar-Keningau road. It managed to cross up to the middle of the road unharmed. As it continued along, it met its end shortly (cause: road accident).

Of course I had the intention to help it by pushing/kicking/transporting it to the other side, but it was my dad who mentioned: "Just leave it on its own." On second thought, I could have saved it and boasted the tagline: "It made a difference to this one." But oh well, I was curious to see nature at work anyway.

P/S: Do not click the images unless you really want to.

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Anonymous said...

wow.. dad is dad!! hehehe...
i miss all of you at home ><