Friday, 12 September 2008

A boy who cried

Based on a real life story.

A primary school boy came back from school one afternoon. His Mom, Dad and sister were there.

His Dad told him that, if the the phone rings, tell the caller that he (the Dad) is not there.

The boy thought that it was a simple instruction.

Then the phone rang. He picked it up. The caller asked for the Dad.

The boy took rather long to respond. No words came out of his mouth. With the phone still on his ears, he turned and looked at his Dad - a definite expression of worry, dilemma and conscience-struck.

His Dad immediately took the phone and took hold of the situation.

And the boy cried.

His Dad and Mom hugged him and let him cry. He said, "Sorry, Dad..." His Dad said that it's OK.

It was the calm after the storm.


Anonymous said...

is this ur story?? like ur life story something?


Anonymous said...

ohh..then what happened after that??? what actually happened?? how come i don't remember this??? or was i like 'duhhhh' only .. blur blur tingu saja...