Thursday, 11 September 2008

The past few weeks

The weeks that were...

A game of poker on a Friday night

No, no gambling; we used plastic coins.
Was a fun way of spending some spare seconds.

My principle was: No all-in, no big win.
I won using my first all-in, and lost in the second.

The 2.5k assignment

I learned a big lesson this time around.
At first, I used the same strategy as last semester:
Writing my thoughts down on paper first, extracting the underlying assumptions in the wording of the question.
Then, I had trouble. I didn't know what my main points were going to be. My essay had no body in the first week that I was working on it.


This was the rough work on the paper.
I looks like a lot of mess to me - though at one time it was my functionally organized ideas factory and map.

I learned that Melbourne Uni students could actually use the "Bonus+" feature, which meant getting a book from another university.

I got Goffman's 1963 book from Deakin Uni.

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LZ said...

Wow, you are still doing your work in your own systematic way! *salute*

in case u dunno, i'm limzhi =)