Sunday, 12 April 2009

Week 8.5 (Medicine)

This week of break gives me some freedom to think about my AMS. Aaah, the AMS year...

Lab doesn't look too bad to me, despite the repeated descriptors "9 to 5, Monday to Friday" and "boring, repetitive work" that I keep hearing from people. Lab means laboratory-based/experimental research, and hasn't empirical, objective trials and observations fascinated me ever since primary school? Someone's gotta do it, and I'm actually happy spending a year becoming that someone.

And just as a side note, these words have become more and more attractive to me: pharmacology, neuroscience and anaesthesia. I don't yet fully know what they mean, but they attract me nonetheless. Contrast that with medical ethics and liver tumours (again, someone's gotta do them...but maybe not me).

And of course, the main build-up, progressive event for this week:

If you're gonna be there, then start expecting something big!

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Peta 'N' Ming said...

Hey Mal! I'm back at home! YAY! Eventho it'll be just a week. Meh! At least I'm at home =)!
Btw, you guys have the Melbourne Model thing as part of your course? What is it btw? I'm a bit confused? hehehe...
Well, chat with you soon. Enjoy the conference!

Hafiz said...
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Hafiz said...

You can always ask me if you would like to know more about AMS. I did AMS in clinical research.