Saturday, 28 June 2008

His full-volume ring tone woke him up at 7.20 am, just about 4 hours after he got to bed. It was "Over You" by Daughtry.

Almost automatically, he opened up his laptop and switched it on. The ceiling lamp for the study area was lit as well. Then he filled some water in the plastic kettle and started boiling it. This guy would be wasted without electricity.

This morning was really early for him. Yesterday, he got up at almost 12 pm. He wouldn't get up for nothing. It's winter break, and the indoor temperature probably hovered around 15°C, plus or minus two degrees. His holiday started about 10 days ago. Waking time had been irregular for him; every other day, there was always something on. But this was, perhaps, something more important than the ones previously.
On the night before, he had thought to himself (and to some other friends): Would tomorrow be a historic day for me? (for us?)
He plugged his wireless modem in, and connected to the Net. He launched Firefox.
"Result is coming out, right?" That was yesterday's tagline with his other coursemates. He didn't know what he felt. Just before bedtime on that night, he had decided to adopt an "it's all right" mentality; he said his words of prayers and words of thanksgiving to God, for he then realized that it had been a time of supernatural power during the exam period. "Give me the best for me; give me what I deserve," he prayed.
The bookmark on top of the browser window was clicked. He entered his login name and password.

He played the song "Surrender" on his phone. "I wouldn't have got this result without You, Almighty God," he praised, even before the result page loaded.

Then there it was. Second Class Honours Division A - H2A. For both of his subjects. (H2A: 75%-79%. H1 > H2A > H2B > H3 > P > N)

His eyes closed, he then took a deep breath and once again gave thanks to his Lord. He wasn't all too happy with that result, but he was content.

First semester isn't counted in the cumulative result. And second semester is waiting to be conquered.

Inside him, his passion was reborn and renewed. He's bringing home two H1's for Sem 2.


LimZhi said...

Am sure u can reach the 2 H1's! ;) all the best!

Stuart said...