Monday, 9 June 2008

How to chill --

--in the last minutes before (and perhaps during) semester exam.

1. Grab a laptop/PC that's online and read the latest headlines

2. Get up from the seat and get a glass/cup/sip of water

3. Walk around the room and stretch the neck, arms, legs, and body

4. Go to a less crowded place and call Mom and Dad

5. Draw figures integrating 4 weeks of lecture material. Or more.

6. Write a blog post. Or a comment.

7. Read up about piracetam, modafinil and vinpocetin.

8. Volunteer in simple-task, large-group works. Perhaps one that's more than 5 hours straight. Then you'll want to study again.

9. Do a math question (e.g. from first-semester Calculus 2). Or if that's part of your exam, do a 10-mark ethics question.

10. Play guitar; or violin; or piano; or sing. Or DotA. Otherwise keep quiet and go back to studying.

Happy SWOT VAC & Exams.


ArMs said...

Crez, i think i'll go for DotA if got exam... oya, all the best for your exam ya... around the corner kan. ko buli ba tu;D

Anonymous said...

wat d?! anyway, great tips.. haha