Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Show My Love

---written on 11 Dec '06

Entry for "Show Your Love" Event


Ever since (I’ve been) hunting for private RO servers around last year, many things have changed. Perhaps the most central tool in the process is the Top 200 site, which shows how servers come and go, climb and fall, promote and demote (other servers), etc, etc.

I’ve been playing on Ceres-RO since late October 2006; not that long, but not too recent either. I initially selected it due to its position in the top 5 (or 10) at that time. My expectation of having a stable, lag-free, no-wipes, and adequately-staffed high rate private server was well met. It was even exceeded, in fact. The idea of global PK (plus limited no-PK zones), the player ranking system, and the non-existence of extreme custom/unbalanced GM reward items add to this server’s rating.

Of course, my experience playing on this server had not been shiny all the time. I usually play a Swordsman (yes, you got me: a swordsman named Crezki II. I have another Lord Knight, by the way), so dying is quite inevitable. Especially in Pyramids 4 when a Wizard/High Wizard decides to test his/her Lvl 10 Storm Gust on a (presumed) weakling like me. But I do survive on a number of occasions. And besides, I usually take the deaths as part of the package of a PK server. If surviving brings glory, I believe that in the same way, dying brings honour. I die sometimes, I kill at other times, and I also occasionally hit F3 for Butterfly Wing!

Heheh. Farming for 2- and 3-carat diamonds is like a routine here; no doubt it’s efficient for people who can’t lay my hand on rare items by MVP’ing all the time! The same goes with farming Yggs, DB’s and all…Farming reminds me of the virtue of patience. And over-upgrading! Oh my! Those moments at Hollengren’s room sure left lots of good memories. So far, I’ve only got a couple of +7 slotted Boots (but plenty of +10 weapons thanks to Whitesmiths!). I think the fun factor drives us to work diligently and consistently toward our goals. And it multiplies when we eventually get the hard-earned reward! (One particular instance was when I earned enough to pay for a Baphomet card. Now working for a TG and a TGK. Maybe an LK or a SinX, too. Heheh.)

PvM parties are super-fun! Especially in (Lighthalzen) Bio Labs 3! Luring, tanking, spamming, healing, etc…it’s part of the team. Maybe it’s even more evident in WoE. I just haven’t had the chance to hop in during the guild wars. Maybe I’ll try doing so on one of these days.

I’m not a full-time RO-er. I am currently doing my pre-University studies, which means that I am fully occupied with a student’s responsibilities. Yet, I find that Ragnarok Online brings with itself the pleasures and challenges as an MMORPG (Thanks for the fun!). And I think I can call Ceres-RO a SUCCESS in terms of a private RO server.

Congratulations for making it through 1 year, Ceres-RO!


In game:
Anyone with “Crezki” in the name, e.g. Crezki II

Appendix (acronyms used and their meanings, listed alphabetically):

DB’s – dead branches
GM – game master
LK – Lord Knight (Seyren) [Card]
MVP – Most Valuable Player [Boss Monster]
PK – player killer
PvM – Player versus Monster
RO – don’t tell me you don’t know this…Ragnarok Online
SinX – Assassin Cross (Eremes) [Card]
TG – Turtle General [Card]
TGK – Tao Gun Ka [Card]
WoE – War of Emperium
Yggs – Yggdrasil berries


ProjectCassy said...

Crezkiiiiiii!!!! U play RO too? so far after entering Uni years i only know of two people who do..u and arms. awh, ur post brings back memories man.. I used to play TrinityRO (Sin cross times baby..) and i started when RO was still in beta(f3 i think..) but well, the game gets pretty stale as time goes by. And with all the numerous mmorpgs sprouting around, which no doubt means more competition..sigh..eventually there's lesser and lesser ro players by the day. wow, they have a new server now.. ah, the good ol' days when u can get married.. can u still get maried now in ro? hehehe...

ArMs said...

Crez... what the !@#$. i didn't know you played RO too. punyala diam2... anyway, i'm enjoying RO too, but another private server la... i think i might try your server... hmmm...

Anonymous said...

odoi nah si tompinai!!
satu geng kita main!! kekee..