Thursday, 8 January 2009

A meaningful movie

After many days of not viewing any movies...

Of course the movie is packed with humour and all the laughable stuff, even right from the start, when Alex the little lion trapped a butterfly in his mouth - I thought that's cute and funny.

And here are some of the lines that I feel are really meaningful - yes, meaningful in real life.

1. "This is where we belong"
That's when the four animals saw the reserve and realized how much more attractive it was than the zoo in New York. Don't we all dream that one day, we'd be in a place where we would say everyday, without fail, "Home sweet home."?

2. "My son is back!"
When Alex's dad announced the return of his child/cub (now a grown-up cub). What joy can match that which we experience when a long lost loved one returns?

3. "I am gonna bring the house down"
Said by Alex, just one day before the rite of passage. The message: superb performance makes the audience awestruck.

4. "As your new leader..."
Said by Makunga, who wanted to take the role of alpha lion from Zuba. Doesn't this reflect the reality of this world? In every corner of the earth, there seems to be a conflict of power. Someone is warring against someone else. Someone with power being challenged by another who wants to take it away. Could it be a reflection of the clash between good and evil?

5. "Maybe you can wear a bell, or something?"
When Alex couldn't tell Marty apart from the other thousands of zebras. It sparks questions about individuality and identity, including why each of us has a sense of making our own mark in this world.

6. "Now who wants to go in the volcano to be eaten by the gods?"
That's when the water supply has dried up and a sacrifice is proposed. Melman the giraffe offered himself. I wonder, why do we humans value sacrificial love so much?

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Okay.. sorry but I'm not gonna read this post coz i haven't watch Madagascar 2 YET!!!! URGHH!!!
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