Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The way of learning

A way that's not so conventional. But I believe it works.

I was doing some random browsing yesterday, and a Get-Rich-Slowly blog caught my attention. So I read more of its posts. One that stood out was Six Steps to Learning Difficult Subjects Quickly.

Here's the first one:
Bombard yourself with information — Don’t try to slowly digest the material you’re trying to learn; immerse yourself in it. Read it quickly, so that you’re drowned by it. Yeah, you can do that kid's face too if that helps.
Now a quiz. Do you absorb more information going slowly through a Lego instruction manual or by attempting it hands-on first, then looking up the guide when you're stuck? Do you learn better by reading a textbook/reader word-by-word, or by looking up a new artist's info on Wikipedia?

I realize that for me, learning is much more effective when I rush it than when I slug it. That's why sometimes learning informally happens much quicker compared to formal methods.

This would be one of the weapons in my arsenal as I start school again in mid-February. Yeah!

You can read the rest of the article here.

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