Sunday, 4 January 2009

Why do you believe in----?

Fill in the blanks. And find out that blanks are not necessarily blanks in this age of colour-contrast.

Do I have a religion? A faith? Why do I believe in it?
What else have I grown up with? Often, we believe most dearly what our parents taught and emphasized during our formative years.
What if it's wrong all this while?
How much wrong? Surely I've done something right...well, if not, even the world knows that stealing is a crime.
What if every bit was inaccurate?
Then what should I do, sit and stink? Inaction is worse than good action, I believe.
How do you tell that it's true?
And how do you tell it's not true? Actually this isn't the best response. I'm thinking of a better one.
Come on, how do you tell it's true?
In whose name did I ace my exam? Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.
Should I believe that you yourself did not study?

Would I know what my result would be by just studying? I really did know how many A's I would get, 4 months prior to the result day.
Can't you tell me something other than school?
Fever; did I not recover from it upon praying? Was on a Saturday, 2 days before my last exam paper - I recovered on the same day, no medication, but plenty of rest.
Right, can you give me time to think of more questions?
Should I then say, to be continued? Yes, this is the ending for now.

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