Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Budak budak

How awesome is the mind of the child

From a page at the University of California, Berkeley website:
"It is remarkable how much little children know and how much they learn in a short time," said Alison Gopnik, a professor of psychology.

"If you combine the psychological and neurological evidence, it is hard to avoid concluding that babies are just plain smarter than we are, at least if being smart means being able to learn something new."
Don't you agree that sometimes we - "grown-ups" - are too mature in our own sight? Too wise?

Guess what the problem with that is? We don't learn anything new! And to me, that's the worst form of self-punishment possible. Because in effect, I'm telling myself, "This is it. I've reached the end. It's as good as it gets." So my pitiful brain faces an ongoing conflict: The forward-directed curiosity that it's designed with is crippled by the mental lid that I myself put on it.

That's sad. Tula sia inda kisah jadi macam budak-budak, "childlike".

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