Saturday, 1 August 2009

July Over!

Second week done.

To be honest I didn't expect that this week's PBL patient had MS (multiple sclerosis).

Anyway, realising that I have only 1 week before the midsem test, I gotta make next week a pseudo-SWOT VAC week. Lots of things to cover. Some are just so random. E.g. Neural stem cells undergo mostly symmetric division earlier on, while the asymmetric ones happen later. Neuronal progenitors are produced early, while glial progenitors are produced later. We learned about 2 Trp ("trip"=Transient Receptor Potential, temperature-sensitive) receptors: TrpV1 - a warm receptor that's also sensitive to capsaicin, and TrpM8 - a cold receptor that's also sensitive to menthol.

And for anatomy: ethmoid bone, sphenoid bone, mastoid process, styloid process, pterion, straight sinus, cavernous sinus, etc.

More to come.

Beautiful Woman (PSCC event) is great! Can't believe there's a gay march happening tomorrow! How I wish that this wrecked world would turn to its Master once again, and be renewed by the transforming of our minds!

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