Wednesday, 15 July 2009

That's Why

Let Dad = God

Creski..: Dad, what should I do now?
Dad.....: Can’t you just listen to me?

Creski..: What do you mean, listen to you? I thought I’ve been listening.
Dad.....: Your mind is somewhere else.

Creski..: *Bell rings* Umm, what do you mean? I was reading your book just now.
Dad.....: But you were thinking about your plan to study. Your schedule.

Creski..: You’re right.
Dad.....: Now, I know that you have a timetable to cover what you need to cover. But you know what, I can make you learn in 1 hour what you’d normally take 1 day.

Creski..: Yes.
Dad.....: So listen to me. I know you’re behind schedule, but if you leave me to catch up with time, you’re going to be even further behind.

Creski..: Yeah, you’re right.
Dad.....: It’s easy to do it all when everything’s on time. But you know what, even when it’s not, you gotta seek me first.

Creski..: Even when…(thinks at a faster speed than typed out words)
Dad.....: Yes, even when you’ve got an appointment to meet another person. Because you gotta meet me first, right?

Creski..: *Note strikes* Hmmm…
Dad.....: That’s why your mornings have been so blessed. Because you gave the first portion to me. And I take care of the rest.

Creski..: Wonderful, that’s a lesson I’d wanna keep and type out.
Dad.....: Very good.

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