Monday, 15 June 2009

Word in my ears

I'm so happy I can't contain it!

The 100-MCQ exam I had last Tuesday was seriously difficult--on most questions I could tell that A and D are wrong, but between B, C, and E, which one was the correct answer? From question to question, it was just really, really hard.

Then it was hermit mode for me again, until this afternoon's paper.
Ever met a little kid so happy after an exam? Well, I'm like that now.
The 2-hour written exam had various kinds of stuff in it: Epidemiology, Statistics and Critical Appraisal. I learned from previous exams that I can't waste time at all. 1 mark means 1 minute. Quicker=better.

And all along, I was writing almost at the speed of thought. My mind flowed like a river. Like my ears were hearing a word behind me saying: "This is the way." Must have been the Helper's voice.

YEAH! None of the questions could stop me! None! Why, because I'm smart? No, it's because I'm prepared. And I wanna honour the One and Only who's with me throughout the whole ordeal of preparing.

Discipline is a hard thing--my housemates have their Travian empires calling out to them every half hour, every day. Then it's trying to call out to me as well. That would be bad preparation. Oh, how we need wisdom and might! I found them from the Owner, for they belong to him. The word in my ears keeps saying, this is the way, walk in it. If it's anything more than just reward for good works, I've found that it's unmerited favour.

And that's my reliance.

Come OSCE.
Come Prac Exam.
You can't stop me.

Picture from HP3.07: Stats 1 - "Being Right on Average"
(Thanks to Dr Katrina Scurrah)

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