Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Come What May (11)

Part IX. Glossopharyngeal nerve

Speak life!

Why didn't I score well for the 2nd midsem? (Only for the CSGD/science subject though - a 6/10; while scored 4/5 for the HP/psychology subject, which I'm happy for.) Maybe it was a hard test to begin with. To compound that, maybe I didn't get as much preparation as I ought to - there were a lot of things that I took part in the week before the test. And what I wish for is that activities like dinner with buddies, conferences, volunteering activities, blood donations, and helping out friends - that these no longer become a hindrance to me from scoring H1's. That's the life that I want to see next year. I wanna be so prepared, so ahead of my studies, that these things won't be an excuse for a low score - heck, I'm believing that I'll no longer get low scores!

Now that's an uncomfortable life to live, because I realise that laziness usually comes easier than diligence.

That's why I'm declaring things here!

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