Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Full Wednesday (18)

Part II. Optic nerve

Take the Turns

The tagline is meant to mean "focus". Like when you're taking an S-shaped turn on a racing track (hammerhead), take it smoothly while staying on the asphalt. For me, the racing target was the mid-semester exam on week 4.

To make things harder, the previous week's study material was the brainstem. BRAINSTEM. While I did make a good start by already knowing that CNVII (Cranial Nerve 7) is the facial nerve, and it has 5 terminal branches in the face, I didn't expect to learn its medial motor nuclei and the sensory nuclei on the sides! And there are 12 cranial nerves to learn, not just 1 or 2!

I don't know whether skipping the Wednesday lecture was a good idea. But what I was thinking then was, "I'll make up for it". But of course it wasn't for nothing that I skipped it. With Cheryl and Denise, I went out to one of the pizza places in the city.

After that was the trip to the church office at Surrey Hills to have a look at what we've got for the stage props, as Camp is coming up. So I took some photos of the stuff.

Back in the city again. I headed for the Med building common room, where we had practice for Apollo rock band. The Open Day performance is coming in less than 2 weeks.

I left the band early for Urban Life. That's how it's been lately; I'd go off at 6.30 for half of the practice sessions. And so far, it's working fine.

Sam and I went to the Archi building after UL. CSGD lecture 3.3 on the central control of the autonomic nervous system had to made up for.

It was a full Wednesday lasting from 9.00am to 3.30am.

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